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StopLossBags® keep your liquids fresher for longer by allowing you to pour just what you want, just when you need it.


"If you’re like me, you’ve had many cans of varnish degrade as you’ve used them. Progressively getting thicker and thicker, finally skinning over and ending up in the trash. I tried everything to preserve those top notch finishes and nothing worked. I knew there must be a better way. 

Welcome, StopLossBags®, a simple and effective solution. A clear pouch formulated to prevent solvent loss and inhibit oxygen infiltration, the woodworkers answer to boxed wine. Dispense what you need, then squeeze out any air before tightening the cap. Now, it’s possible for you to pour out what you wish knowing the rest of your finish will retain its quality until you need it again. 

May StopLossBags® serve you well."

-Thomas Schrunk: Founder of StopLossBags® www.thomasschrunk.com


Hello, I’m Grant Schluender, 

As the owner of StopLossBags®, I'm excited to offer a product line that has the ability to make a real difference in people's lives.

StopLossBags® allow people to use ALL of the expensive liquids they buy, without having to throw any away when they oxidize or evaporate. I'm committed to minimizing waste while building a successful and ethical business that provides Liquid Solutions to people all over the world. Have a problem? Please reach out to me and let's take care of it together.

I’m an engineer and entrepreneur by profession with decades of experience in a variety of industries. I am passionate about using my skills to create products that make a difference in people's lives. In my spare time, I enjoy camping, being outdoors, and am rarely happier than when creating things in my shop.

Customer Testimonials

“We use a marine varnish that performs beautifully and goes into gel form for no reason in the can. Only stop loss bags perserves this expense varnish until we are ready to use it. It has saved me $100’s that I dont have to waste on gelled varnish. If it can save epifanes it can save anything. Buy some bags stop wasting $$ time and product. Highly recommend them.”

— Kristin L., Pennsylvania

“Thanks. I love mine and concur with your findings. These bags make my life easier and much more efficient. It’s easy to dispense just the amount you need, when you need it, and be confident that the rest of the batch will remain usable into the future...Great product.”

— Duncan H., Maryland

“I received a few samples of your bags at my woodworking club meeting about a year or two ago and have been storing my proprietary oil/varnish mix in them with great results. I am able to mix more at a time and store for longer periods. This has been a huge improvement saving me both time and materials.”

— Greg M, California

“The blend I mix for DIY wipe-on poly wants to settle a bit, and all I have to do is kinda squeeze and knead the bag, and it restores the uniform color I want. I appreciate being able to do that. It’s much easier than stick-stirring, There’s no guess-work, and I get visual feedback ...Thanks again for a great useful product for my small shop ... I’m gleefully recommending the StopLossBags® to anyone who’ll listen!”

— Edward P, Pennsylvania

“I received my order and I appreciate the thorough instructions and advice. Finally I’ll have a way to protect my investment in Sutherland Welles products. I’ve literally have thrown out gallons of gelled finishes over the past 25 years.”

— Bob B., New York

"Conclusion: the StopLossBags® keep air out as good as PET, or really close to it. And it’s much easier to take out the air after pouring part of its content. PETs can be squeezed only up to a point. (on using our product to keep photographic darkroom developers)"

— Mihai T., Romania

"Your product is outstanding."

— Michael L., Indiana

"I have been using your bags to store a hardwax/oil solution which skins over quickly. So far no loss of product with your bags."

— Brian B., Australia

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