Kick the Can

The woodworkers answer to boxed wine.

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Kick the Can

The woodworkers answer to boxed wine.

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Now you can preserve the fresh off-the-shelf quality of your finishes

All woodworkers have had the experience of throwing out cans of skinned-over varnish. Metal cans are excellent for transport and storage until opened, but are not designed for long-term storage.

StopLossBags® allow you to preserve the fresh off-the-shelf quality of wood finishes. The specially formulated 3-ply construction helps prevent loss of solvents while a gas barrier inhibits oxygen penetration into the bag. Keeping your finishes fresh forever.

Why StopLossBags®

Easy fill and pour spout with simple twist top cap. Seals perfectly to keep your finish fresh for years to come.

Patented design that prevents air bubbles from getting trapped in the corners.

Clear label. Simply, use a felt pen to write the type of liquid and the date on the bag. Marker wipes away easily with alcohol if needed.

Reusable & refillable. It's easy to clean your StopLossBags® so you can use it for years to come. 

Specially formulated 3-ply construction to safely store your finish, keeping it fresh for when you need it.

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Our Customers Speak for Us

"Many woodworkers know this story. You buy a can of finish, open it, and use it for the first time. When you’re done, you close up the canister and put it on a shelf. You use it off and on during the year, but there comes a time when you open the container and the finish is no longer usable because it has oxidized, thickened, or skinned over. I’ve thrown out plenty of half-filled cans of finish because of this. Well, not any more."

-Fine Woodworking Magazine

"Whether you’re a woodworker or cabinet maker, a finish carpenter who installs a lot of wood trim, or just an avid DIYer, you’ve undoubtedly had the experience of opening up a partially used can of stain or varnish, only to discover it’s useless because it’s skinned over. Or maybe it’s dried up, or full of mystery gunk, and too contaminated to use. The folks at Liquid Solutions LLC feel your pain, and they’ve come up with a solution: StopLossBags®."

"I teach photography and use StopLossBags® exclusively in the darkroom for all our chemical storage. I’ve used your product for many years. People on my YouTube channel asked about the "IV Bags" I use for chemical storage, the old accordion bottles are just horrid and there simply isn’t anything else. But no one has come out with a better way to store development chemicals .. aside from StopLossBags®!"

-Jim Sollows, Canada

StopLossBags® are a more sustainable alternative to storing finishes in cans, which end up half-full, hardened, and in landfills. 

Our bags are refillable & reusable. Allowing you to squeeze the air out of them, keeping the quality of your finish for years to come. 

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