Materials List

Two uprights,
6” w x 7.5” high
One base 7.5” x 6”
Can be 1/2” or 3/4”
Two dowels 1/8” x 1” 


125 Micron Strainer Stand

The strainer stand is sized to hold a paper finish filter suspended from dowels above a vessel to receive the finish as it is being filtered.

The finish filter has tabs with holes for hanging. These are fitted onto the 1/8” dowels which are set at about a 10 degree angle located 1/2” from the top of the two uprights. When put in place the strainer is approx 6” dia x 4” high. Below it is placed a vessel to hold the varnish or solvent being filtered to remove dust and particulate matter.



Completed Project

A 24 oz. capacity plastic food storage container, available from the supermarket makes a suitable vessel. These are nomrally made of polypropylene, a significant advantage as most varnishes will not adhere to it and a buildup from several varnishing sessions can be removed simply by peeling it off. These storage containers are about 3” high and can easily accomodate a 3” brush.

With the finish filter suspended from the angled dowels, place the plastic container under it on the base and commence pouring.

It may be convenient to have a second container on hand to put beneath the filter to catch drips which may fall from the filter after the first container is removed.

Most paint and hardware stores carry paint strainers with a 190 micron mesh to allow latex paints to flow easily. For the lower viscosity of varnishes we recommend 125 micron mesh to catch smaller particles.