If you and a group of friends order multiple StopLossBags®
you may find it beneficial to go together to purchase finishes by the gallon and share them.

StopLossBags® are available with your choice of filling methods. The StopLossBag® Collapsible Funnel is a great way to easily transfer finish from a quart or liter can directly into the StopLossBag®. The Filler & Adapter Tube Set attaches to the spout of the StopLossBag® and allows you to use a variety of normal funnels. The use of a “StopLossBag® Filling Station” helps ease the transfer of liquids.




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8 StopLossBags®: $22.40 + s&h
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StopLossBag® Collapsible Funnel

The StopLossBag® Collapsible Funnel is formulated to stretch over an opened quart or liter can while the spout of the StopLossBag® fits the small end of the funnel. Easy to use, easy to clean.


Four Extra White Caps for Bags

Great to have on hand, cheap insurance. Also, as you are using the bags drips can cling to the edge of a cap and over time build up external residue. Having extra caps lets you put on a fresh cap, allowing you to set the original aside so the finish hardens and can make it easier to clean.

Four extra white caps for bags: $1.00


Filler Tube and Adapter Tube Set


The filler tube and adapter set are for use with the
DIY Filling Station. The set is not required for use with the StopLossBag® Collapsible Funnel.

Filler tube and adapter tube set: $1.25



Wood Finish Strainers

Strainers help remove dust and other physical impurities from liquids. Strainers are generally available in paint and hardware stores, but are intended for general use which includes latex paint, and therefore have a relatively open screen size of 190 microns. Our strainers have a mesh size of 125 microns, suitable for wood finishes and remove all but the smallest of impurities. Made in USA.

Straining will improve your results and allow you to extend the useful life of your finishes.

When should you use strainers?

  1. Finish being returned to a StopLossBag® should always be strained.

  2. If jelled finish is found in the neck of a StopLossBag®, the contents should be strained whenever dispensing.

  3. When flushing a just-completed bag with solvent, the solvent should be strained on emptying the bag. The bag should be flushed several times. The strainer can likely be reused while still wet.

  4. When any debris or floating jelled finish is seen in the finish inside the StopLossBag® it should be strained as it is dispensed.

Four 125 micron Wood Finish Strainers: $1.20

Ten 125 micron Wood Finish Strainers: $2.40

Fifty 125 micron Wood Finish Strainers: $11.00

One hundred twenty-five bulk pack 125 micron Wood Finish Strainers: $25.75



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We wish you well on your woodworking projects and hope you find the StopLossBag® to be a positive addition to your woodworking projects by reducing waste, giving you better results, and saving you money.