• Specially formulated for woodworking finishes
  • Internationally recognized, Patented Design
  •  Retain the solids to solvent ratio of fresh varnish
  •  Get more consistent results (no more lap marks)
  • Easy to Open, easy to close (no more prying lids off or pounding them back on)
  • Dispense a lot, or a little, as needed
  • Unsurpassed in retaining finish quality after opening
  • Environmentally Friendly (no more skinned-over cans of varnish to dispose of)
  • Easily remix/stir semigloss, satin, matte finishes by rotating (clear bag wall lets you see when you’re done)
  • Use more of the varnish you’ve paid for
  • Inexpensiveand they really work


I received a few samples of your bags at my woodworking club meeting about a year or two ago and have been storing my proprietary oil/varnish mix in them with great results. I am able to mix more at a time and store for longer periods. This has been a huge improvement saving me both time and materials.
— Greg M, California