A Filling Station such as this can assist in filling your StopLossBag®.

The upper support holds a funnel and the lower support on the opposite side holds a turkey baster, used to transfer the first inch or two of finish to make pouring from the can into the funnel easier.

The filling station illustrated can be made of 3/4” stock. The base is 8 3/4’ x 4”, the support column of 15” high is sized for the StopLossBag® plus the funnel bottom and filler tube. A suitable funnel is the middle size of Home Depot’s “Scepter Corporation #0 6392300165” 3-funnel set. Attach the clear grey filler tube the spout and add the red connector tube if necessarys so that when they are connected to the funnel and StopLossBag, the bag rests on the base. If using a different funnel, adjust the height of the support column accordingly.


Completed Project

The turkey baster support should be attached so the tip of the baster is as about 1/4” above the base. A folded paper towel should be placed on the base under the baster tip to wick away finish after it has been used. If you use a standard turkey baster with an 8 1/4” (exposed) tube, the lower edge of the baster support should be ca. 9 1/4” above the base.

After filling the bag, detach the filler tube and place it on the paper towel to wick away excess drips. Oil finishes can cause spontaneous combustion, so always allow the paper towel to sit out overnight to allow the finish to set up before discarding.